Workshop Assistants

Due to funding and timing constraints, I wasn’t able to come along with other PEN teammates this time. But I was so fortunate to connect with folks here that were interested in spending three days of their time to help me run the workshop.

Gameli Adzaho, who is a science/tech teacher+youth enthusiast+entrepreneur+blogger+more

Tom Tagoe, who (like me!) is a recent PhD graduate and is now working to promote science education. He founded Ghana Scientific – an online community for all things science in Ghana. I look forward to seeing all the ways in which that platform can expand – encouraging youth to pursue STEM, connecting students with internship opportunities, etc. They put a lovely post on our workshop here:

Habib Simaila, who is one of the students I worked with the first time I came to Ghana (at the TTI Fab Lab) and who happened to be in Accra this week.


gameli-sshot tom-sshot

Thanks to these guys’ contributions, I was not just able to reduce my amount of frantically running around, but got to have their expertise and passion add depth and energy to the whole event. Most of all, I’m grateful for the new friends I’ve made.


Here are short clips of Tom and Gameli talking about their experience. Sorry Tom’s got cut short…



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